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    15 Nintendo Power Issue Ninja Gaiden 2 Strategy · 16 Nintendo Topics Nintendo Power, Nintendo, video game, magazine. Collection. Numbers of the magazine Nintendo Power. Identifier NintendoPower_ Identifier-arkark://t9jk5j. ScannerInternet Archive. NGC Magazine (originally known as N64 Magazine until Issue 60, ) was a British magazine specialising in Nintendo created consoles;.

    Issue 11 of Nintendo Power, from March Nintendo, the original publisher of the title, has had the digital collection pulled. Advertisement While no formal announcement has been given on the takedown, Nintendo of America told Polygon that it must "protect our own characters, trademarks and other content" and "the unapproved use of Nintendo's intellectual property can weaken our ability to protect and preserve it, or to possibly use it for new projects. Visitors to the Internet Archive's collection page can still find a description of the beloved publication, but all issues are now missing. Or a guide to Bionic Commando?

    Abolishing its traditional E3 conference for a programme of employee-led insight not only took us deeper into its upcoming games but introduced us to the Treehouse, the charismatic localisation team that is now pushed to the forefront of Nintendos online streams.

    At a time when many gamers butt heads with the unknowable corporate behemoths that control their hobby, Nintendo gives its fans a human face turns out the nerdy, funny dialogue was written by nerdy, funny people.

    Who knew? Kyoto HQs notoriously tight lips writing a news section is tough when a company is as leakproof as Nintendo loosened for the Iwata Asks sessions.

    Each chat uncovered more about Nintendo practices and personalities than hundreds of journalistic probes combined. One personal favourite saw Ocarina of Times boss programmer, Kazuaki Morita, reveal how the games addictive shing pond emerged from plopping a sh inside Morphas Water Temple pool and realising that it was ripe for catching.

    In another, Rhythm Heavens graphic designer, Ko Takeuchi, admits to getting pulled into an arcade managers ofce after spotting Segas arcade port in the wild and photographing the girls playing it. Needless to say, Mr Iwata [laughed] at that one. The Nintendo fan of is so much better informed than his or her counterpart. I see readers singing the praises of directors, designers and producers wed never heard of until Mr Iwata gave us all golden tickets to his digital chocolate factory.

    The saddest bit of this last issue is knowing that a whole new generation of design talent waits just around the corner, and we wont be here to cover it. Martin left to have a child in more sedate professional circumstances. Your destiny cannot be denied. By a weird coincidence. Jenny Meade Join us online!

    Due to unforeseen circumstances. Simon Berkovitch. Shigeru Miyamoto. It really bugs us. Jinrod Dongmax. Terrell Gigsender.

    He tried to destroy us from within but.

    Magazine Scans

    Some kid died in our lift shaft once. Rob Crossland. Katharine Byrne. By wasps. We publish more than magazines. Alex Jones. Just Dance star. NW1 6NW Phone: Smug Aladdin was never smug. Andi Hamilton. We are committed to only using magazine paper which is derived from well managed. Jon followed his heart into contemporary dance. Carl Fleischer. Nintendo Co.

    NINTENDO - Official Nintendo Magazine December 2014

    Future plc is a public company quoted on the London Stock Exchange symbol: All rights reserved. Andy McDonald. Daniel Cairns. Mark Green. No class. We reserve the right to edit letters. Gareth Mason. Tom Sykes. We cannot accept liability for mistakes or misprints. Contributors Sean Bell. Daler tried to patent an innovative programme of injections and unctions that gave dogs and other mammalian pets a kind of fashionable stubble.

    Nintendo Power (#1- ) : Nintendo : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    Camden Spatyole. Patrick Minnikin. Daniel Robson. Super Smash Bros. New 3DS Typical. After we dealt with everything outside of Nintendo last month. Bayonetta 2 Incoming Top As we ship out. Mouthpiece For our last ever interview.

    Here are ten reasons to be cheerful about the delightful New 3DS. What will come top of the list? Wii U Sonic Boom: Nintendo announces a brand new console. The Big Story Matthew looks back. Disney Magical World We mean that almost literally. ONM Issue 1 The Greatest Games of All Time: Part Two Tens of writers. ONM Issue 1 Continue Mysteries of ONM A Game of Clones The Great Ace Attorney Goodbye ONM Comic Workshop Splatoon gives multiplayer shooting an artistic shot in the arm Phoenix Wright meets Sherlock Holmes.

    Bayonetta That was almost certainly a mistake Squeezing in as much as we can for our last issue And there are some real surprises in there.

    Bayonetta 2 Splatoon Does that work as a yarn joke? Splatoon The Future Sniff A special illustrated farewell message to this very magazine from a few very famous Nintendo names All the timeless.

    Xenoblade Chronicles X Stealth Inc. Time Capsule: First-party Hell Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Reviews Round Up Yeah.

    The Legend of Zelda Teslagrad Join us. In another. Ko Takeuchi. For a Nintendo writer. And with the arrival of the Miiverse — a forum with all the malice removed — this mighty spectrum of gaming tastes have a far better home than any mag or site could offer. Figures like Katsuya Eguchi. Our inbox is full of stories of mums hooked on Xenoblade or the teacher who invites students to try and beat his Pullblox creations.

    Technically speaking. Our review of the future starts on page Masahiro Sakurai and Kensuke Tanabe have long created magic for Nintendo.

    Each chat uncovered more about Nintendo practices and personalities than hundreds of journalistic probes combined. Hideki Konno. The Nintendo fan of is so much better informed than his or her counterpart. And what an eight years and nine months. At a time when many gamers butt heads with the unknowable corporate behemoths that control their hobby. Nintendo gives its fans a human face — turns out the nerdy. When I began writing for NGamer Behold: Abolishing its traditional E3 conference for a programme of employee-led insight not only took us deeper into its upcoming games but introduced us to the Treehouse.

    Written before the Wii conquered the world. Needless to say. Since then. I see readers singing the praises of directors. News and opinion on the biggest Nintendo events of the month. Being in the dark is part of the fun. Who knew? Satoru Iwata. ONM has run for eight years and nine months. This might be worth something one day — bet you regret throwing away the packaging and free gifts now.

    If this new audience was welcomed to the fold by the likes of Brain Training and Wii Fit. At E3 we saw the arrival of the Splatoon boys. Mr Iwata [laughed] at that one. The saddest bit of this last issue is knowing that a whole new generation of design talent waits just around the corner.

    Kazuaki Morita. Go to www. Code Name: Get daily news updates from www. All of the writing on the map is in Old Hylian. This map is well cool ver lost your bearings in the wide expanse of Hyrule Field. Well fear no more. Join ONM for a rundown of the coolest developments from the global fan community www. Alex Griendling has made you this swanky Hyrule map. It makes for a very cool piece of art as well as a cartographical tool. Marvel at the torches shaped like coins! Stare in confusion at the cows dressed like Shy Guys!

    Weep in frustration as you tumble from the foot precipice you spent the last two hours climbing! This Super Mario offering falls into the latter category. All of that translates rather well to video games.

    It essentially manifests as 3D platforming levels built by Minecraft enthusiasts that range from the scenic to the themed. But which video game does he think would make the best tale? AKA Joebot. All others pale in comparison to this masterpiece. Look at the buttons! Look how big they are! The Thousand-Year Door is my favourite game of all time. This Ditto would do nicely. Anyone fancy making this for me? Talented table-maker and creator of our dream girl-table Charles Lushear has not only made a lovely.

    I quite like cross-stitch. Every time I have to write a review or a feature. Have we mentioned swords too much. Swords are nice and shiny. The incredible chaps at The Sword and the Stone have made a range of weaponry. Paarthurnax the dragon from Skyrim. We love swords.

    And they never lie to us or hurt our feelings. We want that as the next Zelda weapon. And pointy. But you can watch a series of videos where they smash things up with said weapons. A group of talented master blacksmiths in America make lots of swords. Wario and. Each short video features the moustachioed Italian plumbing brothers doing something cute. Sort of. At least. People will gaze longingly at your feet.

    Is that Ness? D Twitter: Its hobbies include stamps and baseless anger about Smash Bros. Miiverse www. Is ONM ending? On second thoughts. We would play that thing all day and all night.

    She has one friend.! I like to think I still am. And what of the future? Could you design a new Nintendo IP right now? Miltank steak. Of course. Ice Climbers. Go the future! Thank you. Miiverse is a place for more than just games. Which Nintendo executive would make the best James Bond? The food that stops you from performing self-love. It might well be our best ever. Shrek for Smash Bros.

    With a glass of Miltank milk. Which third-party developer would you like Nintendo to download? What would they make? Which Nintendo character would have been the best magazine intern for ONM? We kept track of the memory card games and all the secrets. What do you think is the most underrated game of all time?

    I presume you mean Nintendo-related? Doshin the Giant! Sexually suggestive! I played it again only a couple of days ago. We did the same thing with Super Mario World. We had an entire notebook dedicated to that game. Hello Miiverse! How are you today? For our last ever interview. We stuck around for eight years. If you had to have a Nintendo character for a dad. Playing Super Mario Bros. Your answer seems to revolve around parental discipline.

    Did you have a happy childhood? I see a bearded ghost. Just for Shenmue. Where do you see yourself on your eighth birthday? Diddy Kong. Link and Kirby. Implanted into brains to harvest the human subconscious. Thank you for everything. Or Siamese twins. Allow us to use an old psychological technique on you. He is also cute! Any suggestions for the banks?

    Sterilise the drinking water. That was odd. Which three Nintendo characters would you invite to dinner? What would you discuss? Please tell us what you see in this Rorschach Test we created using the Miiverse sketch tool: Why do you keep asking that? Stop it.

    The 3DS took a while to get going. The New XL is lighter than the old. Fear not. So without further ado. The New Nintendo 3DS gets the bigger makeover of the two: Smash Bros. More controversially. Crave no more: Does this mean a different style of games in future? Mirroring the Wii U GamePad. Fear no longer: This nubbin functions as a second analogue stick.

    That added svelteness should allow for slightly less wrist strain when foolishly one-handing the thing on the bus. To always be near you. Scrimp and save. New 3DS just wants to watch you. Your 3DS can have more costume changes than Cher.. A faster CPU means speedier downloads. A button? An analogue stick? All those shiny Pikachu covers your friends have been smugly parading round while you have to make do with your terribly unfashionable Cosmo Blue 3DS — well.

    And yet here it is: Tough luck. All submissions will be incinerated. The gallery is closed. Turfed out on my ass. Tim Moore? Why would you even draw this? That hurts. Absolutely hilarious. Thomas Was Alone will be coming to Wii U. Highly Recommended: Bayonetta Out 24 October Which witch? Why not both? Location Europe Rectangle-obsessed indie platformer ultra-darling. Curve Digital. Very slick! Ocarina of Time: See how we resolved that on page POS CP-ooh! Location Japan Not just content to release The Wonderful album on iTunes — Platinum went the whole hog and set up an entire record label.

    Polaris Tone. All is as it should be in the world. All he wanted was to be crowned the best kart racer in the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Gavin Johnston. When can we expect Nintendo to regain this spark. ONM has been an integral part of my gaming history. But that day would have to wait. Bad news: The N64 and the GameCube have much in common. Calum Leitham. But it has caused me some frustration — such as the time I thoug ght my subscription had run out right before the big th issue.

    FirlowXD Good news: I was told I would be moving house. This actually happened. Notice the past tense. Mario Kart 8. Bad luck. Just before the line. No explanation needed! The attached picture is my own rendition of the majestic creature. You get the occasional hit but they all seem to lack that certain something.

    Yet today. As for the Weeyu. A heartbreaking tale. Want to see Matthew. Matthew Davies. During this time. Melee all stem from this era.

    Go away now. Joe or Kate in the ONM afterlife? Well then. These stories aside. Ocarina of Time. The problem is that mascot Mario represents childhood glee. Gems like Super Mario Looking over these issues I rea alise how much ONM has been with me. I am sure that this would be great fun to write and even better to read. This question is from George Matthews. I am now disappointed. Ben Tedds. Was that racist? I stand for everyone who ever plays games on a PC.

    I was going for Deep Welsh.

    The magazine is dead. As a treat. Worthington has come for tea! I glanced at a Splatoon screenshot. Love it! You heartless monsters. One day. Each of your writers creates a murder or some sort of crime. I speak for my people. Stay subscribed to the ONM Podcast for one last goodbye podcast. You seem to have forgotten that the punishment for murder in the Phoenix Wright universe is death.

    Take Ben NinDorkKnight. It manages to perfectly capture that 8-bit retro game feel without directly referencing any 8-bit games. Pauly Smallman Sadly. They recently elected me as their king.

    For half a second. Skyward Sword — each arguably the pinnacle of their franchises — Nintendofunded projects like The Wonderful I feel a bit uncomfortable about that.

    Ben Lee Houldsworth Previously. On the other hand. Its creators. Nintendo are keen to release a new game. And just how exactly are you going to cope with increasingly fewer staff? Michael Devidge. Any word on a Metroid title making its way towards 3DS any time soon? Ricardo Lopez. So like. Out of Golden Sun. Co-creator Hiroyuki Takahashi has previously said that the effort required and demand for the games might not add up to another sequel.

    Christopher Waclaw Twardosz. Can each member of staff on the magazine reveal which Nintendo franchises they have yet to play a game of if any? Josh Stevens. Or that thing with the duck. What is the darkest thing you guys have done? Christopher Oddie. As we pointed out a few issues ago. Your call. Intelligent Systems. Rachael Nicholas. Go look on Wikipedia or something?

    Confession time. World Tour. We wrote as much as we could about what we loved. Remember all the pictures of Willem Dafoe in the Rabbids Land community? That said. And then those big blocks of Mario blocks.

    With a tonne of work under your belt and a small dose of luck. Blocks within blocks within blocks! Where does the madness end? Who am I?

    Am I block? There are plenty of routes into games writing. I was just wondering what sort of things I would need to achieve in the coming years to be considered for a job at ONM? I am thinking of starting a Nintendo gamethemed blog on the internet — Nintendo games have become a real passion of mine in the past couple of years and I enjoy writing. Cool statue. Christopher Millis. The point is. Pixels made of rectangles? This twisted world we live in sees no limit to its trickery.

    Some of us did English degrees. Over the next 16 pages. From true colossi to experimental indie games. How have we solved this problem?

    By turning our previews section into a stream of speculative reviews. As seasoned egomaniacs. Super Mario Galaxy and Pilotwings. With four players. The 3DS does its best. Or something. It can descend into carnage at any time. Classic Controller. GameCube controller with an adapter or even the 3DS itself to control your character of choice. First and foremost. In the world of Smash B Bros. While the 3DS and Wii U versions www. The 3DS version does have online multiplayer.

    In shiny. Pro Controller. For starters. The impo ortant thing to remember is. This made its decision to reveal a new Miyamotohelmed Star Fox behind the scenes at E3 unexpected. Imagine if. Or version has a wealth of amazing music but Professor Layton. The 3DS Nintendo adds Waluigi to the line-up. Miyamoto has likened it to a TV series.

    Look down at the GamePad display. Once ideas have progressed to an advanced stage. Garage was conceived to encourage younger Nintendo staff to form small teams to work on new ideas.

    Baths are like special armour. Chris Scullion Well. Or Birdo. Peppy and Falco babble away in the corner of the screen. What looks like a standard Star Fox game is actually anything but. The idea is that you locate targets on the TV. In truth. As such. Miyamoto and other experienced heads join in. The theory is that it will foster creativity. Controls are a little different: Version mascots Groudon and Kyogre also enjoy a Primal Reversion feature.

    Contests also make a return but Mega Evolution now wows the judges with a range of the most dazzling manoeuvres. The opposing Venusaur Mega evolves — but a Flamethrower takes it down. After the huge leap the series took last year. Game Freak is breaking new ground without damaging the roots underneath. The old conceits scrub up very nicely indeed in stereoscopic 3D. Oh god. With a satisfying ping. The former gains the bespoke Desolate Land ability.

    That cataclysmic face-off just got a lot more epic. The original Ruby and Sapphire had their fair share of cinematic moments in bit. The camera pans around as they eye each other. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire are a remarkable. Recreating past games in a modern style unexpectedly opened a destructive time portal. Oh my god. New gameplay ideas arrive by way of Super Secret Bases. All of which helps compensate for a slightly troubling absence of genuine new ideas.

    But look! Its art is so consistently lovely as to invite you to stop and just gawp at it: A good game has to be fun to play. Eggs are no longer eggs. A river of lava looks like a scarf unfurling. Even the two-player co-op mode — in which you can grab your dino partner and turn them into a projectile weapon — owes a debt to Epic Yarn. And boy. For all its qualities. Shulk exhibits all the magnetic charisma of a damp paper towel. Monolith Soft has gone further: You can take risks by closing in with melee attacks to build up your points quicker.

    This is Elma. The top-down perspective and squares of movement are gone. The basic hook remains the same. Players take control of an elite team of extraterrestrialslaying soldiers founded by Honest Abe Lincoln. MH4U also adds two new weapon types for players to get to grips with. It also takes mechanics popular in modern strategy games. The Animated Series artist Bruce Timm.

    Fight monsters. This new mechanic has even been applied to monsters you might already be familiar with. It takes a delicate touch to weave together shooter and turn-based strategy so effectively. The studio has a history of masterfully crafting deep and rewarding strategy games: Actions are governed by a steam meter.

    So while awaiting a European release date for Monster Hunter 4. Pretty low.

    If Twitter: Characters serve different roles and have exclusive weapons and equipment. The Charge Blade is a sword and shield that can also be combined mid-combo to form a powerful axe. Their job is simple: And the graphics. But Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate makes one considerable change to the way you can play the game — you can now mount the monsters and attack them. Because of my sword. A Link Between Worlds.

    We trust Aonuma and co. The Wii outing discarded the notion that dungeons and the overworld were separate entities. What form will Link. Is it a plane? Is it a boy? Link has appeared as a lonely wanderer. There were proper temples.

    Producer Eiji Aonuma has spoken about his desire to bust open the conventions of the series and rethink its approach to dungeons. Zelda has been a princess. The trappings might change. It might be the most evocative image of this generation. As with any great fable. Depending on who you ask. It gets steadily more frantic as the waves of enemies approach — some can only be temporarily halted.

    Speaking of which. Four Swords-style arena battling. We want that bigger. We of multiplayer. You punch with the analogue sticks. You use the touchscreen to place a dozen gunmounted cameras around a facility.

    Zelda is awash with possibilities. Soup kitchen. All ashes now. Aonuma We burnt down the Internet. Customisation could be the key: We want to see more of that in Zelda Wii U. Guard is the most immediately appealing of the two. A little lightweight in its current form.

    Giant Robot. Right now. Good watermelon physics. That may be a good thing: You can excuse its ragged looks given such a troubled development history. Think back to the Capcom Five. Valhalla Game Studios — headed up by the infamously spiky Ninja Gaiden designer Tomonobu Itagaki — has needed a bit more help than Platinum.

    What is clear is that its clan-based multiplayer. Its recent rescue act on the abandoned Bayonetta 2 is not a dissimilar scenario. Bayonetta 2. It could hardly have found a more perfect partner in Itagaki. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse sees him losing his little legs. Or an even crueller assortment of deadly gaps. Mario Maker is Mario Paint but for games: One thing it lacked. Imagine Kirby let loose in the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Other features have been teased that would bring Mario Maker more in line with its ancient predecessor. We see no reason at all why Mario Maker will be any different.

    The case of Nintendo v. In keeping with a tradition of fashioning games out of household appliances. Or a maze of question blocks. The opening stage of Super Mario Bros.

    Nintendo have created our hero and environment from clay. Everything has a wonderfully weighty feel as Kirby rolls around.

    Or a room of 1.