This manual applies directly to HP As with Serial. Number Prefix A and HP Bs with Serial Prefix. A. The manual for an HP A/B with a. This product was manufactured by Keysight or one of its predecessors many years ago. We provide this page to assist you in using or replacing your product. HP A B Operating and Programming Manual Aug, PDF, M. HP A B Operating and Programming Manual Dec

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    Hp 5334a Manual Pdf

    covered in Section VII of the Service Manual. DESCRIPTION OF INSTRUMENT. The HP A and HP B are Universal Counters capable of. This manual is designed to present the information required by the user to effectively operate and program the HP A/B Universal Counter. Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A Operating And Service Manual.

    These will also appear under the manufacturer on other pages for ease of searching. Every counter has been inspected, repaired where needed, cleaned and calibrated. In addition, all ovenized counters are drift tested for at least 48 hours to check long term stability, and to insure the best possible accuracy. Large graphical catalogs are a bit SLOW, so please give them a bit of time to load. The top header of each catalog is largely the same, so don't think you are stuck in one place! Rates are now changing rapidy, often with little notice to us, so all the data has been transferred to the FAQ page for speedy updating. E-Mail Susan if you want a quote for shipping to other destinations, or for something heavy. Sorry, we can't safely send most individual small parts in a regular letter envelope, they get destroyed by the automated handling equipment. Sometimes we can ship very rugged parts in a small padded envelope by letter post. Ask Susan. There is a packing charge for large or heavy equipment, see the elsewhere in the FAQ for details. If we have your valid data on file, you can just click on the ORDER email link to place an order and indicate your approval to bill, and we will do the rest. Please note that there are transaction fees with Paypal and wire transfer payments, the wire transfer fee is frankly horrifying.

    Now, that does not include the probe. The probe also has a -3dB point, so the complete system of scope plus probe will have a -3dB point lower than the individual components.

    Hp 5334A Manuals

    So it is worth splashing out that little bit extra on higher bandwidth probes so you don't limit the bandwidth of the tip-to-trace system so much. I recently picked up an old DeskJet printer for next to nothing thanks Ben! Certainly easier than scribbling down some measurements on a scrap of paper. I scanned in a couple of scope plots during the development of my dualfo.

    And having a hard paper copy is great for making annotations or adding other notes. Agilent D Oscilloscope My day gig involves both analogue and digital circuitry. For quick probing around a misbehaving circuit, capturing serial comms, monitoring power circuits, and so on, having a mixed-signal scope is really handy.

    Probably the earliest best of these is the Agilent or whatever they're called this week D.

    It has two MHz analogue channels and 16 digital channels, and one of the earliest scopes to come equiped with the MegaZoom function, capturing up to 4 million samples so you can zoom into a captured signal long after the event. Tektronix TDSC Oscilloscope As circuits increase in complexity and speed you need a bigger and faster scope to see what those circuits are doing.

    For example, on a recent design I had three inputs and an output audio input, control voltage, carrier signal, output to work with, and being able to monitor all of them on the same screen would have been very illuminating. On the used test equipment market the venerable TDS series digital scopes from Tektronix are excellent buys. They are much faster to use no faffing around in menus ; they usually don't have fans quieter operation ; they don't lie to you -- what you see on screen is a direct view of the voltage at the input terminals no need to think about Nyquist when setting the timebase ; and a quicker turn-on time.

    I own, or have owned, a variety of analogue scopes, including: Tektronix A - fanless 60MHz dual channel Tektronix M - fanless MHz dual channel Tektronix - MHz dual channel with early sampling system and very noisy fan Hameg HM really nice beginner scope If you're on the lookout for a good scope to learn on then I would strongly recommend the Hameg.

    It also frees up the scope for probing around the circuit looking at waveforms while the counter keeps an eye on frequency. HP now Agilent produce some really good counters.

    Simple counters measure frequency by counting the number of cycles of the input signal in a given window of time. Unfortunately this means that measuring low frequencies with any degree of precision can take some time: to measure a 1Hz signal to three significant digits requires a gate time of at least seconds.

    Yes, I know, I could measure the period and then calculate the frequency from that with a pocket calculator. But dammit that's what test equipment is for!!! A CPU then does the maths to work out frequency. All it needs is one complete cycle of the input to measure the frequency to a very high degree of precision. In the case of the A, to nine significant digits. Taking the earlier example, with the reciprocal technique it will take a little over one second to measure a 1Hz waveform.

    Very useful when developing low frequency oscillators for example. Hewlett Packard HP A Universal Counter While the larger A is suitable for detailed measurements the smaller A is an ideal frequency counter when you want a quick measurement of a single signal.

    And being a reciprocal counter it is quick to use for measuring low-frequency audio signals. Also, if you can, get one with the TCXO option installed as that provides a more stable reference oscillator. Only after opening the case did I discover that mine has that option. Power Supplies As the saying goes: "Power corrupts. Absolute power I've designed, built, and used many power supplies over the years. Expensive ones. Cheap ones.

    HP Universal Remote A User's Manual download free

    High voltage ones and high current ones sometimes both at the same time. Small ones and heavy ones. Simple ones and complex ones. Most of the time though you can get by with a basic dual bench power supply.

    Which I guess is why they're so popular. Plenty for op-amp circuits. The third output provides a higher current V up to 2A, which can be used for a digital rail or perhaps a control voltage. Two meters provide voltage and current monitoring, switchable between the three outputs. They're everywhere! In schools, universities, and labs, they have provided stable supplies for many years.

    The basic single output model pictured below can supply up to 30V at 2A, and can operate in constant-voltage with current limit, or constant-current modes. Very useful for bringing up new circuits with the current limit turned right down!

    Free Service Manuals

    Hewlett Packard A Automated testing often requires several supplies at different voltages. The A is a 4-channel power supply unit which is ideal for this. It can supply more than enough power for smaller op-amp circuits, and it also features programmable over-voltage and over-current protection just in case your test program sends the wrong voltage setting.

    Hewlett Packard C Sitting roughly half-way between the small, versatile and the GPIB, flexible protection is this versatile little chap. Up to 20V and up to 2A makes it perfect for powering smaller embedded systems designed to be powered from wall-warts. Distribution Amplifier. Contatori di frequenza per l'elettronica industriale Regali di Natale Fluke a frequency counter 10hz - 1,3 GHz 2ch.

    Equipment ElectroOptical Innovations ; If you're also a fan of classical equipment, you can download manuals at Agilent and Tektronix, Wie auf den Fotos HP B, Universal Counter Pic Specs Catalogue - Milcom for New and Used Communications and Bridge, Universal for LCR Universal Frequency Counter to 1Ghz with option. EUR , The loads can be operated manually with the front-panel Works just fine any They also function as a signal source and frequency counter.

    The frequency range of HP B Universal Counter. Frequency counter is The basic functions are: frequency, period, time, ratio and totalize. The microprocessor allows a post-measurement data manipulation as statistical data, math functions, pulse width, rise, fall time, slew rate, duty cycle and phase relationship.

    Smallest time resolution 1 nanosecond. Below 10 MHz, the counter measures the input signal period, then computes and dispays the reciprocal frequency with 7 digits of resolution in one second for signals as low as 0.

    Above 10 MHz, the counter automatically performs as a conventional counter. Unique counting circuitry delivers the best of both reciprocal and conventional frequency counting.

    Programmable functions include all measurement modes, plus trigger level and trigger slope controls. HP Counters - barrytech. Description: Universal Counter. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site.

    Buy It Now This manual provides the best information we could find. It is intended to be used as a tool to trigger your memory. Manufacturers description: The Agilent B is a low-cost, high-performance universal counter offering frequency, period, time interval, ratio, and totalize measurements.

    Manufacturer Description:: The Agilent B is a low-cost, high-performance universal counter offering frequency, period, time interval, ratio, and totalize measurements. It is a pretty great product for the value. The Keysight B is a low-cost, high-performance universal counter offering frequency, period, time … Keysight B Datasheet - testequipmenthq. The use of these techniques coupled with HP's MRC and a microproces- sor provides a quiet but powerful revolution in counter performance Manual Range: O to MHz.

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