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Welcome to the CAE Result Student's Site. Here you will find lots of interesting activities to help you get the most out of Result. We hope you enjoy using these. Read and complete texts from the Student's Book. Weblinks. Read about the topics in the Student's Book Listen to a complete Speaking test on page مرجع آموزش زبان ایرانیان. CAE Result. Student's Book Listening. Speaking. Use of English. Vocabulary. Writing. Part 1. Expressions with luck. Pari 4. Multiple.

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Cae Result Students Book Listening

Thank you for this information, would it be possible you share me audio files please?, my email is [email protected], thank you in advance. Complete CAE Student's Book with Answers Class Audio CDs (3) ISBN Student's Book Pack ISBN Workbook with. .txt) or read online for free. CAE Result Audio Scripts for Listenings Activities. CAE Result Students Book Oxford University Press. Speaker 3. I was getting.

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Well, that was it! My first CD took me 18 months to record. I even wrote the songs myself. I suppose a professional singer would pick up on the flaws! Anyway, I sent it to a couple of record companies never really thinking anyone would listen to it, or that it would eventually make me as much money as it did.

You could have knocked me down with a feather when one of them contacted me to say they were interested! Its certainly inspired me to do some more recordings! Conversation 1 Q: What do you do? At the moment I do a part-time job. Conversation 2 Q: How long have you been living here?

Im here for six years. Conversation 3 Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Im enjoying going to the cinema. Conversation 4 Q: How would you describe yourself?

I think Im having an outgoing character. Conversation 5 Q: What did you do last summer? Ive visited the mountains. What are your interests and leisure activities? Candidate 1: I dont know really maybe tennis and watching TV.

Oh, nothing much. I like the cinema. Oh, from my point of view, its absolutely essential. We live in an international community nowadays and we can communicate with people on the other side of the world in a matter of minutes.

But, in my opinion, learning another language isnt just useful or even fascinating I personally feel that its also a mark of respect for the people youre communicating with. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Listening p14 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I got so carried away with it all. Remind them of the mportance of 1 Key a in b of e to d in e for making a plan far Paper 2 to ensure they have enough information to answer all parts of the question befare starting to write.

Maybe it should be more practically orientated. If career path you might regret later on. At the time we ali thought this was pure 2 Key fantasy- but l'rn not so sure now. We know that the power of the human brain will always exceed that of any machi ne, A aid simply beca use it has logic.

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But we tend to rely more and B education more on technology to do what for us would be extremely e technology time-consuming activities. Key 4 Where possible, ask students to brainstorm for and against the statements befare they give their A 3 opinions.

Tapescript Speaker 1 The trouble is that it's not simply a question of handing out vast sums of money. The whole concept of aid is an extremely complex one. Aid has to be 1 Suggested answers something tangible in cases like these, and it has to arrive quickly. But in the long-term, giving money is not necessarily Films: Sorne of the best aid programmes are those Star Wars, A Space Odyssey. The Hitchhiker's Cuide to the Galaxy their own situation themselves, for exarnple, by showing them new farming techniques, or setting up small businesses 2 Ask students to match the meanings befare looking which provide work for the local population.

These schemes at the text. Later, they can check the answers in often produce extremely beneficia! Speaker 2 Key With hindsight, people come out with statements like 'School a l.

But at the b l. Many young people e l. So in a way, we have to educate them to understand the value of education, if you see what 1 mean.

Perhaps the mistake. Where a They are an advertising hoax - neither they, nor possible, ask them to think of any real examples to the website that's advertising them, actually exist.

Emphasise 1 a vital the information in the Tip box: It should then be possible to eliminate b controversia! Key b would expresses certainty. If the 12 would still be working manager were to find out Key a hadn't tied him, wouldn't have ended up b are looking, go e fade, leave d want, try e would have arrived, hadn't been digging f Were, would be.

Of course it was. But as far as l'm concerned, when vou're young, you don't dwell on things like that. You look upon lite as a bit of an 1 Ask students to talk about any voluntary work they adventure and you tend to think, 'Ayear - have done. Plus the fact that it was Suggested answers so far away, there's no way 1 could just nip a developing countries, e.

As it turned b money, fresh water, food, shelter, medical out, 1 was so busy that 1 don't think 1 would supplies, clothing, equipment, etc. Much better e medical, educational, engineering, construction, to take advantage of my free time to explore planning, etc.

Now, for those listeners who know very little to save or improve lives in disaster zones, or about the organisation you were working for -- may be able to implement techniques and is the work really voluntary?

In as muchas vou're not paid a salary, yes, it Volunteers will also have the opportunity to is. But that doesn't mean that vou're expected learn about a new culture and people, learn a to live on nothing. There are lots of benefits new language, etc. You get a living allowance, accommodation, insurance and flights ali paid. You are also given individual training.

You options befare they listen. Remind them to listen to have the chance to do sorne networking with the whole of each corresponding section carefully other volunteers, too. But what dinched it for befare they make their final decision. Tapescript lnterviewer: And did you have any choice in what kind of placement you were given?

Today we have in the studio Tom Davies, who Tom: Oh, absolutely. There were no nasty shocks in has recently returned from a vear's stint that respect! Tom, an organisation which aimed to achieve welcome. This was right up my street! While a colleague lnterviewer: Now what originally motivated you to take who later became my best mate and 1 a year out and spend that time living and were working there, we developed our own working in what to most people would be a programme - it was a real challenge: Our rather isolated part ot the world?

Well, 1 suppose l'd been thinking about doing numbers of snow leopards lost because of something of the kind for quite a long time, illegal hunting. But, at the same time, we set actually. That sounds like a tall order! Anyway, one dav, 1 picked upa newspaper that Tom: Snow leopards are a flagship species someone had left on the train, and 1 saw this for bio-diversity in the Himalayas, and they're advert.

In the blurb, it said something like one of the world's most endangered cat 'volunteers return to their own country species. Hunting them is prohibited, but equipped with invaluable professional residents view them as a pest because they kili experience, a wealth of memories, anda large numbers of livestock each year.

And how did your programme help tackle it was the job for me.

Cae result teacher's book

But it must have been difficult leaving family and friends behind for that length of time. Well, we tackled both issues simultaneously by introducing livestock insurance for farmers, Speaking p99 and also through the creation of savings and credit groups. The two projects were 1 Ask students to give each picture a general heading deliberately linked to allow profits from the and brainstorm any ideas they have befare moving savings credits groups to be used in on to task 2, e.

Donors provided the initial grant and funding for the 2 Make sure students are clear what the choices project but the project itself is owned and run represented are: This mea ns that the 1 type of acccommodation scheme is self-financing, and the community 2 work or study makes the decisions. Local people can now 3 type of car borrow money to develop business or 4 small or big family enterprises.

Can you give us an example? One that springs to mind was the download of cheese-making equipment. Local Remind students to discuss as many pictures and milk is now converted into cheese to be sold issues as possible in faur minutes and to answer to trekkers who pass through the a rea. We both question prompts, giving reasons far their hope all this will ultimately help the snow ideas. But at the moment it's difficult to determine if there has been a decrease in 3 Key the number of snow leopard deaths due to 1 e appropriate poaching, but what we can say for certain is 2 a appropriate that many of the herders have started to 3 a too short but good vocabulary make up my insure their herd against loss.

What we are mind counting on is that profits from the scheme 4 e doesn't really answer the question can be put back into community projects and S b appropriate yeterinary services, which will benefit the 6 b First part of the answer is suitable but the whole region. And your own plans for the future? No more travelling forme for a while, that's for sure - unless it's on holiday. After all, with that - but 1 wouldn't have missed it for if we really can't afford to do something, then there's the world!

Tom, that's all we've got time for, l'm afraid, or not. Really important ones are usually much easier to make beca use there's so much at-stake- so you think about them in a more logical way. They're not made on the spur of the moment. But others are influenced by friends, family, people at work - or just circumstances in general. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to make a decision. Vocabu lary p Ask them toread through unplanned the sentences quickly to see which of a-h this short term - in the immediate future expression fits into c , befare doing the rest of the out of the blue - unexpectedly exercise.

Use of Engl ish p 3 2 Ask students to find example sentences to support their answer, e. Key Key a in the end g b be at a loose end a b e there's no end in sight b d ended up e 3 Remind students to pay attention to any dependent e at the end f prepositions or grammatical structures which follow f on end h the missing word infinitive with or without to, g make ends meet d gerund, tenses, etc.

Tell them to think carefully h a means toan end e about subtle differences in meaning between the choices. Students could check this in their dictionary. Encourage them to explain which words When they have completed the text and checked may fall into different categories and why, e. Ask students with it. Suggested answers a 5, 6, 13 b 6, 10, 12 e 1, 2, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15 d 4, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15 e l, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, Key a They focus on the choice between work versus Key study.

The style is informal and lively, e By giving examples far each point. Far an assessed authentic answer to this Writing 3 Refer students to the Writing Guide to check their task, see page 13 of the Writing and Speaking ideas. Key e. Elicit that the 1 Key inappropriate choices are too formal. This is useful practice far English in Use Register Transfer, 3 Key Suggested answers a momentary e unsocial b controversial f principal a Don't rnake a decision between work or study until you've thought about it long and hard.

Make sure they check the complete h on end text far sense and structure. Check pronunciation. Elicit the meaning 'juicy' crimes, etc. Encourage students to read within the set criminal damage: Elicit why counterfeit: In most cases this is towards Suggested a nswers women or children. Ask students if they can remember and tell any e Making your criminal convincing. None of the questions will focus on the same b Falling crime statistics may reflect a real drop in piece of information in the text, so once students criminal incidents due to better policing, better have identified which part of the text answers a personal security, higher employment and particular question, they should not need to read therefore fewer criminals , or may simply reflect that specific part again, although they may still a decrease in reported crimes, perhaps due to need to understand the overall context it unwillingness to do so on the part of the contributes to.

Read i ng p 1 Encourage students to think of recent films they have seen or books they have read that are about crimes. They could work in pairs or small groups then compare answers with other students.

Online placement tests

If they need help refer them back to page Key a manslaughter is accidental or in self-defence; murder is deliberate or 'prerneditated' b mugging means to attack someone with intent to rob, usually in the street; stnuggling means taking goods illegally from one place to another e bribery means offering someone an illegal incentive to do sornething; blackmail meaos to threaten or intimidate sorneone for illegal purposes d burglary means to enter a house illegally and rob; robbery means to take something illegally from a place or person rob someoneof something and is often used with references to banks, etc.

My brother does whatever he likes detectives are portrayed. They may like to consider and gets away with murder. For those 4 Check the meaning of any difficult vocabulary, e.

Older they don't like about it. Key 1 for 4 of 6 to 2 with 5 against 7 on 3 into. Check students understand well, quartied, bog site. Could we just run-through what happened? Apparently for more specific information or inferring, e. They said l'd spend Key hundreds on sports equipment! And you still had your credit card? That's what really got to me. How can anyone use your credit card if it's still in your possession?

Very easilv What can happen is that when you pay for something, say in a restaurant, someone copies the card - clone it, if you like. But what about PIN numbers? Nobody would be able to use the card. Unfortunately payments can be made over the phone without your PIN number. SO does that mean l'rn liable for ali these bilis? Probably not. You've reported it to us and we tak these matters seriously.

Tapescript Extracta, A: Violent criminals should Extract 1 be. In your book, you talk about sorne very entertaining B: Do you have a favourite? Years ago B: Oh, yes!

In fact, the opposite seems to be A: Remind me what happened. Well, a gang of crimina Is had been conspiring for true. The plan was to smash their way in A: Yes, h , ,. The men criminal you're dealing with. But what we have to realise behind the raid were well-known criminals and the is thatptisons are grossly overcrowded. So what we have police had had the ringleader under surveillance for to come UP 'With is a way of helping prisoners make a sorne time.

So the police decided to waited for them usefut C Nttribution to the world we live in and making overnight. We simply don't have A: Very clever! The plan went ahead - the thieves crashed through the perimeter fence and into the Dome.

But as they reached in to grab their prize, they found themselves well and truly cornered. Officers disguised as cleaners ordered the mento raise their hands and they were caught red-handed.

What a storv now A refers to places which have special regulations B refers to the reasons far the regulations being in 3 Explain to students that the aim of this task is to place make them think carefully about the difference C refers to possible consequences of breaking those between words with similar meanings. If, when regulations brainstorming possible answers, they can think of Set 1 left-hand photo: Allow about a minute for each student.

Remind them to give reasons far their c no object; Ask them to think of another verb which would fit into each gap 1 Ask students if they have to carry identity cards in before they try to complete them with the phrasal their country and if they think they are necessary verb.

Ask what they think about the fact that Key sorne countries do not currently have them, e. With more mature students you could a gave e check e get encourage a discussion on whether national b set d hold f worked security or personal freedom is more important. Elicit sentences to show students use of the phrasal verbs in exercise 3 2 Remind students of the importance of reading through all the information carefully and including Suggested answers all points outlined in the task.

Suggest they think of a 1 can't work out the answer to this sum a suitable title and paragraph headings for the calculator. Introduction They were giving out free samples of Positive aspects supermarket today.

Negative aspects lf you go to New York, you must check Recommendations fabulous nightlife. Suggested answers The writer includes all the points mentioned in the 4 Ask students to complete each sentence in two timetable notes, but the tone is often too informal.

It should have a title. The introduction does state the purpose of the report Suggested answers but the writer should be careful not too lift too a It is a good idea to try and give each paragraph a.

Review p Check students know what structures follow the 1 Key appropriate phrases, e. Suggested a nswers an auction, a street market, the internet, Key a charity shop site was started by Pierre Omidyar in after he sold a broken laser pointer on the Internet. Ask them to add any other things they regularly spend money on.

Find out whether they consider it a good Key idea or not to be given money by their parents. Students never will.

Key a. Point out that do in b is used for emphasis because the speaker is angry. Tell h lived students to pay attention to any time references in could the sentences, e. But is there any evidence to back up what you are saying?

There's plenty of proof that you can't rely on 8 hadn't been 3 would be 9 may never have picked past achievements! A quick glance at advertising 4 had stayed shows that the industry is littered with 10 applied campaigns that stayed around too long and 5 would happen 11 would start 6 continue ended up damaging the brand.

So much so that the brand often disappears for ever - a problem one famous and highly successful fashion company encountered in its last campaign.

Listeni ng p lnterviewer: So what steps can you take to ensure your long- term survival? Well, the only way to 'ensure your long-term survival' as you so aptly put it, is relentless which they think are most effective. Refer them to investment in talent and opportunity, and the photos on pages for ideas but without a constant questioning of one's past - the going into too much detail. For example, for most brands, the general thinking is that a strong heritage is Tapescript considered an asset, a competitive advantage.

Paula, welcome to the studio today. Now you And on the surface, there doesn't seem run what is considered by those who know what anything wrong with that! But it's the they're talking about to be a very successful conventional view and it presents advertising advertising agency.

What inspired you to enter agencies with an interesting dilemma. How do the world of advertising? We are, perhaps, an Paula: And although in reality, very little goodwill. So all in all, would you recommend the industry argue my way out of a comer, and get my as a career? Overall, 1 would say it's an industry for lnterviewer: But success didn't come overnight, did it?

Not at ali. But it hasn't all been hard grind. And this is probably beca use my way up, but 1 can't say 1 didn't enjoy it asan industry we're obsessed with youth. A a long the way. Or downs, too. But in this field, vou've just got to if they're still employed, they are consigned to pick yourself up and start all over again!

We're lnterviewer: How would you say that the world of in an industry where, for good or bad, history is advertising compares to working in other fields? Of course, Paula: Working in advertising's certainly tougher, make any business has to look to tomorrow, expecially no mistake. But you're only as good as your last idea. In reality, advertising must uniquely be an industry that you're only as good as your next one. Our has to forget about its past in order to ensure its business is different beca use it constantly has to future!

This need for reinvention lnterviewer: Paula, thanks for talking to us today. And now There can be very few industries that are expected to have a new idea every day. Do you think there should be some TV things. Elicit the subtle diff erence in meaning channels that have no advertising? What stereotypes between honest being genuine and telling the of people are often portrayed in adverts? Ask why it is important that adverts shoud have these qualities, and for speicific examples of any that have been banned, and why.

Use of Engl ish p 1 Ask students to suggest adjectives to describe the image presented in the photos, e. Ask them if they know what sort of music this is associated with hip-hop and what fashions are 1 Check that students know the names for the different associated with other types of music.

Encourage them to a 2 A b 2 B e 1 B d 4 B e 3 A check their answers in a dictionary, looking up the f 3 B head word and consulting different parts of speech. Remind students to check spelling. Tapescript A 1 don't think an ad on the radio would be very Key effective. B tt's expensive but vou're right.

Make sure they keep to the time limit of four minutes. Sorne students a economic, economical may have already done work experience if they are still studying at university, so encourage them to b personal, personnel talk about whether the experience was useful or not.

The experience was generally positive, but he would have liked to spend more time there.

CAE Result!: Workbook Key and Student's CD

Optional activity Ask students to write an example sentence of for the words not used in a-e. The writer has used good, clear headings, fairly formal register, 3 Key includes the rnain points and has used linking words On the whole, However, but. The writer 1 scarcely 6 fairly generally creates a good irnpression. If sorne students in class have had work experience, get thern to work with others who haven't to plan and focus on main points. Stress the inforrnation in the Tip box about the irnportance of rnaking a plan, so that students don't get halfway through writing an answer and realise they have run out of ideas.

Review p Suggested answers 1 Key Things to consider: Lead in p Voca bu la ry p Ask if they like the kinds of art shown, giving reasons. The pictures are: The 4 head of David Michelangelo other groups are: Reading p13o 2 Key a can vas e subtitles e gallery b lyrics d plot f rehearsal 1 Ask students to briefly discuss in what situations people might perform in public and what difficulties there might be in doing this.

Ask them to quickly 3 You might want to divide the class up into pairs or read the first few lines of each extract to decide small groups and ask them to look far at least two what kind of performance is mentioned and then words not used in task 2.

Students could then re- read the whole extract. Key 4 Ask students to give examples to support their 1 Performance art answers. The portable calculator is more recent than the transistor radio but not as recent as the calculator.

The 1 portable calculator is the most recent. The Atlantic is lf students need reminding of sorne basic rules, ask them larger than the Indian Ocean but not as large as tothink back to the Reading text on pages Lettuce has the 1 Ordinary aeopte understand performance art If they aren't Degree, and remind them to think about the position sure of the answers encourage them to hypothesise, of the words in italics in relation to the adjective.

Key Encourage them to use a range of structures, and remind them of the language far Making decisions a so d so f too and giving reasons on page This is because the main characters are all human, animated film, so may be able to identify the films rather than animals or other creatures.

The film also lasts for the characters shown are from Nema, The two full hours and many shots are slow, or completely still.

If they have seen these films, ask what But what will surprise viewers most of all is not the story they thought of them and what elements of them but the message the film sends out. Every Pixar film has a would appeal to adults and to children. The Pixa r doctrine seems to be that if a story really is good enough, it 1 noun 5 adjective will reach everybody, not just children - and even the jokes 2 adjective 6 noun that younger viewers miss will somehow enhance their 3 number 7 noun experience of the film.

Children lve in an adult world and 4 noun 8 noun plural are used to hearing things they don't understand. So part of what makes lite interesting is trying to figure things out. So 3 Key putting things like jokes they don't understand in a movie is 1 computer s realistic fine. Overa 11, what is special about Pixar is that their appeal is 2 puzzling 6 magic formula universal.

And somehow, it seems that they can do no wrong. They may find sorne of the vocabulary lnside an office complex near San Francisco, one of the 10 on page useful. Ask if they can name the last most powerful computers in the world hums and blinks in Osear winners and whether they think the films a dark, glass chamber. Known as the Renderfarm, the should have won or not, giving reasons. Spea ki ng p13s into individual trames of film. Pixar are now one of the most successful film studios in the history of the cinema.

But Pixar employees become visibly disturbed by the suggestion that sheer computing power might be the secret of, what is to 1 Check students can describe briefly what the their rivals, their puzzling success. In Hollywood, though, situations in the photos show befare they match a-e: Telling a story in animated form requires a particularly bizarre kind Key of personality - an equal mix of childishness and enormous Ali the words refer to people seeing or looking at quantities of patience.

Employees admit that it is a tedious something. They work on something for two years for maybe less than a photos 1 and 2 two minutes of film. And obsessive secrecy characterises the e can refer to someone who sees a crime or other studio's attitude to its future releases, so it is impossible for significant event animators to talk about what they are working on now.

What d refers to someone who doesn't take part in an they can tell you, however, is that it is so difficult to create event but is there to evaluate it in sorne way animated characters which are realistic that it is pointless e usually refers to someone watching TV even trying.

Computer animation's best characters are strictly symbolic representations. This is probably because profound emotions are not always best conveyed by characters who appear to be real creatures. Remind them that the use of linking words will help to make their language Key more coherent. On the other hand, the spectators at the basketball match 4 Ask students to underline the key words in the first must enjoy supporting their team, together with all the sentence and to make connections with the head other fans.

As for the atmosphere in each case - well, word if possible, e. At the theatre you must be something. Everyone is concentrating on what the actors are doing. But ata Key basketball match you can stand up and feel like you're a no longer able taking part in the match on the court yourself. That's b are made to listen to part of the fun! Vocabulary p You could ask text quickly to form a general idea of the content, students to find the appropriate meaning for each before focusing on the missing information.

Key Classical music is being played at a railway station Key to drive away young people who have been causing a 4 out d 5 up f 7 up trouble. This has been successful. Optional activity Diqate the following questions to stljdents to discuss 6 Key in pairs or small groups. AsKthem to adc,t two or three Strong: Of the medium adverbs, really and rather combine with most adjectives, but rather can sound odd with Writi ng oiss adjectives that imply an extreme, e.

The weak adverbs go best with less extreme 1 Ask students what normally makes them want to adjectives, especially those with a negative see a film, e. Ask awkward, wooden, uninspired, unconvincing, which they think are most reliable as an indication mediocre, disappointing. For an assessed authentic answer to this Writing Suggested answers task, see page 16 of the Writing and Speaking a, b, e d is possible depending on the type of film Assessment Booklet in the Teacher's Pack.

The model answer includes all these elements. Key a Yes b Yes. Ask if they know of any areas in their own of species l. Check the meaning of any unknown vocabulary, particularly those related to the tapie, e. Read i ng p 1 Befare students do the task, ask them to look at the introduction to the text and the five places named, to see if they already know what environmental Vocabulary p problem is associated with each one.

Remind students of this technique e ground f earth world on pages 34 and 70, and ask if and how it helped. Brainstorm as many synonymous phrases as students can suggest, perhaps setting a time limit. Caribbean island. Inversiori point 2 on page of the Grammar Reference, as they will need to use sorne of the 3 expressions beginning with only and no. Students may have more than one answer, so you could ask Optional activity them to compare answers in pairs or groups.

Ask students to tind other examples or exptesslons with Suggested answers world, eann or ground in their dictionaries. Get feedback from the whole dass. Grammar p d Only by luck were we passing by as the boy fell down the cliff. As they do the exercise, ask them to g Only recently did we find out his true identity.

Key and suggested answers a had news report 4 If students can't think of ideas from recent news b had personal account of an event stories, suggest they talk about ideas related to their e will official report own personal experience, e.

Key b Mowing the lawn is the job I hate most when a Scarcely had the band announced their world gardening. I've suggested to John and Clare is that they e In no way was the lorry driver to blame for the wait for another year before they get married.

The ironic thing is I'm holding a dinner party for twenty people that, from what l've heard on the news recently, it seems this tonight. But 1 suppose that one of the reservations 1 still have about it is that there are so many other energy sources that remain untapped as yet. So 1 say - let's go for those. Listeni ng p Speaker 3 1 started out thinking that this anti-nuclear power movement 1 Ask students to name other forms of alternative was a lot of fuss about nothing.

As far as 1 was concerned, as energy as well as wind-powered energy, e. Find out if about how it reached me. But when it's a question of 'in your own back yard', you start to ask yourself a few questions about what right we have Suggested answers to interfere with this beautiful world we live in. Maybe we 1 Gas- or coal-fired power stations are relatively should stop now befare we destroy it completely. But let's safe, but they use valuable fossil fuels and are tace it, what difference does it make what 1 think?

It severely pollutes the sea and damages nuclear sources, there would be a huge increase in the marine life if there is an oil spillage. Ultimately, it makes the area an undesirable location for. Speaker 5 The tapescript here with highlighted answers also 1 must admit that in the beginning 1 was pretty ignorant applies to exercise 3. But from what l've read since, it seems that one of the Speaker 1 biggest objections to the siting of nuclear power stations is lt's common knowledge that the world's oil and gas supplies that the local people aren't consulted.

In our case, nothing aren't inexhaustible. So 1 was prepared to accept the fact could have been further from the truth. Everyone got sent a that this nuclear power station needed to be built and this letter outlining the proposal, and there were countless was as good a place as any to site it.

But the point is that, however - let's tace it, we just have to put up with that. What is much open people are about what nuclear power means, in the more problematic is how to get rid of the by-product. Once we crack the problem of disposing of that, 1 think there'll be less opposition to the use of nuclear power. Speaker 2 At first, 1 was dead against the whole idea. Refer them to the exercise 2, but play the recording twice again if advice in previous Speaking sections if necessary.

The girl forgets what the task is, giving the impression that she hasn't been 4 Ask students how they personally could protest and concentrating. The boy asks how much time they how larger organisations e.

Greenpeace, organise have left, which interrupts the discussion. Ask them to consider how effective these Otherwise they make a good attempt at the task and interact well. You could broaden the discussion to whether it is ever right to break the law in order Tapescript to make a protest, and what positive or negative Examiner: Imagine that there is a large disused a rea of land effects such actions might have. Here are sorne ideas for Suggested answers redeveloping it.

So, shall we start with the blocks of flats? Why not? Talk to each other about the benefits and Spea ki ng p drawbacks of these ideas for redeveloping the disused a rea of land, then decide which two would be in the best interests of the town's 1 Elicit the correct vocabulary to refer to each photo inhabitants. Oh, yes. Well, the idea of providing housing or amusement park, 4 skateboard park. Divide would certainly appeal to most people, although students into small groups to think of three more l'm not sure if everyone would want to live in suggestions and then take a class vote on the best flats like these.

Yes, 1 see what you mean. The housing would certainly be needed if the area is being 2 The photos show: Earlier in the year, Id been made redundant and I was at a bit of a loose end so it was my birthday present to myself! I was a bit apprehensive about going along alone but Im an outgoing type, and there was a real mixed bag of us, from beginners to those whod been doing it for years.

For me it was like a second childhood. In the first six weeks, Id taken about a hundred photographs Ive even exhibited some. Now its not just a hobby its a totally compulsive activity for me! Id been sketching for years, so a friend suggested I should go on a fine arts course, which included mosaic making.

Eventually, I booked myself onto one, but I was terrified I wouldnt be as good as everyone else. As it turned out, I neednt have worried because everyone worked at their own pace.

Anyway, I produced this weird abstract mosaic. It started out as a kind of nightmare scenario very gloomy.

Then I slowly added more colour, realising that the depressing thoughts that had originally bothered me enough to inspire the design no longer mattered to me so much. It finished up being rather like therapy. As luck would have it, I saw a paintballing centre advertised in the local newspaper. Just what I need, I thought. A nice bit of physical activity and fun at the weekends!